Coaching Teenagers

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Every teenager can benefit from coaching.  They are looking for answers and what to do with their lives.

That's what coaching is all about!

By helping  a teenager discover their Foundational Core Values and Purpose they are better prepared to ask themselves, "What do I want to achieve?"

Parenting Coaching

I'm A Parent 3
I'm A Parent, Now What is a collection of columns on Parenting by Johnny Walker. A 16 year veteran law enforcement officer, counselor, youth minister and parent of four children Johnny brings a practical view to the age old question: I'm A Parent, Now What?

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We also offer parenting seminars and parent coaching.

Counseling Services


There are times when each of us are in crisis and are desperately looking for help just to make it back to "normal" and get our heads above water.  For those in crisis we offer pastoral counseling services.  

We don't beat you over the head with the Bible, but we will listen and share godly relationship principles that can help you through your crisis.